Garden Wall Builders in Chesterfield

Expert Wall Building Services in Chesterfield from Classic Paving

Classic Paving specialise in the design and construction of Garden Walls in Chesterfield, where we have the ability to tear down old, worn out walls, and replace them with brand new ones. We have the ability to use a range of materials and different colours too, which means all walls will tie in with the exterior theme of your home.

For a long time now, Classic Paving have been building garden walls for customers in Chesterfield who have required replacement walls, or completely new ones. We are truly dedicated to the work we do, and 100% committed to completing all work to the highest standard — something you and your home undoubtedly deserve. Garden Walls can look truly remarkable if they are constructed efficiently by a company who knows what they are doing. this is where Classic Paving come in….

Garden Walls in Chesterfield

As a team of experienced builders, Classic Paving have worked all over Chesterfield building garden walls to enhance external areas of residential buildings. We have the ability to tailor our designs to suit your needs, and if you are unsure which materials you want us to use, we can discuss your options with you to help you make an informed decision. Garden walls are a speciality of ours, and we can use our expertise to enhance your home.

Garden Walls

Garden Walls have a couple of primary uses. The first one is privacy and the second one is appearance. Of course garden walls have other uses, such as acting as a goal when playing football out the back, or a place for the birds to sit when the sun is shining, but ultimately, your garden wall will be used to make your home look better, and create a distinguishing block between your property and areas surrounding. Garden walls can be as little or large as you need them to be, attached to the side of your home, or constructed with built-in gates. the power is certainly in your hands.

When it comes to garden wall construction in Chesterfield, our team of experienced builders have the ability to work with you and get things just right. We can plan accordingly to ensure minimum downtime and disruption, and will work to your deadlines – if they are realistic of course. Ask us for a quote or a timescale and we can meet with you to talk about your needs for a new garden wall (or walls).

Classic Paving employ a team of experienced Garden Wall Builders in Chesterfield who can produce unique, great looking walls to suit the outside area of your home.

If you are looking for Garden Walls in Chesterfield, contact us today for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE or for further information.

Garden Wall FAQs

With years of experience constructing garden walls for customers throughout Chesterfield, we have have developed all the necessary skills needed to construct any type of garden wall. No matter what size or style garden wall you want, we can construct it for you.

Yes! We have a selection of different coloured bricks to choose from. Whether you’re wanting a single colour wall constructing or a wall that uses multiple colours then we an help. Feel free to get in touch for more information on the options we have available regarding our garden walls.

Whether you need planning permission for a garden wall, depends on your local authority and if it’s a new or replacement wall. We always recommend checking with your local authority to see if planning permission is required for your garden wall.

If you choose a multiple tiered wall, then you’ll be able to have a fence fitted on top of it. If this is an option you’re considering then we also have have a team of fence installers who’ll be on hand to assist in the construction process.

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